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How do I find the right safety glove for me?

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1. What kinds of dangers is the person open to?
To narrow lower the options from the big selection of leather gloves with the market, the very first thing you need to help do will be work away which of the several hazard categories listed below does apply in your place of work:

3. Are usually primary activity throughout the workplace?
The critical first step to identifying the hazard class is definitely usually an easy 1 – yet now anyone require a closer glimpse at your application. For instance , let’s assume that your workers are from chance of slashes and you therefore selected “Cut protection” at step 1: Which kind of tasks are employees required to execute with their hands and fingers?

Does the work require accurate and dexterity? If and so, the category you will need is definitely obvious. Or maybe accomplish staff complete more heavy-duty duties, such as handling panes of glass or heavy metal pieces using sharp edges? In case so, choose leather gloves by the “Heavy duty” class – your workers can need a very robust glove.

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If the activity performed because of your employees is definitely neither accurate or heavy duty work, a good All-round baseball glove is almost certainly your perfect option. These gloves can be utilised for general tasks and also when switching in between diverse activities that require a substantial safety baseball glove.

We suggest that you select the group that greatest matches typically the activity that the employees perform for the majority of their day of the week.

a few. What are the circumstances on the job?
You’re nearly ready to select the right glove intended for your application. There is just simply one question left to reply to: What are conditions similar to in this place of work? Is going to the glove come into contact with wet or oily workpieces? If your employees handle small , and sharp and oily factors, they will need a good various cut protection baseball glove to the people working in a good completely dry natural environment.

Typically the difference between these hand protection lies in the covering, that may establish whether this glove is definitely water-tight, water-proof or to be able to.

All uvex safety hand protection are categorised according to which styles of surroundings they will be suitable for: either “dry”, “damp to help slightly oily” or “wet to oily”. This level advised above each and every sign says to you how perfect the glove is with regard to each type of setting.

All the data anyone need in no time
Our software matrix for each type involving hazard provides a simple, at-a-glance overview of our own a comprehensive portfolio of safety gloves. The matrix can be found at the end connected with this article.

Should you have any kind of questions or need to have any kind of further assistance selecting typically the right basic safety glove for you, please will not think twice to contact our specialist team. They will enjoyably visit you to support on the right type involving glove for your app: Because every place of work differs, your baseball glove needs to help meet!


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